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I have had many experiences in repairing my Mercedes over the years, some good and some very bad. But until I met Richard and his son Ryan, I never felt that I was being treated in a way that fostered a proactive customer relationship. Richard understands the nuance of explaining problems with his customers and then discussing the best solutions. He has the innate ability to articulate short term and possible future issues in an honest, fair, and sincere way. That is as good as it gets in providing the very best in customer service and care. This is why I continue to take my cars to be repaired at European Sales and Service.

Alan H., 5 out of 5March 20, 2015

It's rare to find a honest mechanic these days but I did so by reaching out to European sales and service. It's an incredibly frusterating experience when you Benz in on the fritz but they manage to have the problem fixed quick and they are half the price of taking it to the dealership. I have a 1983 240d and these guys are the only people who I will let touch it. The first time I brought it in they told me all the great things about it and helped me figure out what things to address to make it safe and reliable. I recommend going to these guys instead of the dealership and saving yourself a lot of money.

Maxwell A., December 9, 20145 out of 5

I've been a customer of European Sales and Service since 1991. As a former mechanic I can attest that Richard Cordes, the owner of European Sales and Service is honest, fair and makes every effort to keep you (the customer) happy by providing excellent service, second to none, and by keeping the costs down. I have a 1976 Mercedes 240D which he and his skilled staff have kept safe and running great for the last 23 yrs. He is personable, takes the time to explain anything you might not understand and will bend over backwards to get you and your car back on the road, should you be so unfortunate as to experience a mechanical break down. Recommend him? I wouldn't think of taking my car to anyone else!

Jim T., April 1, 20145 out of 5

As someone that parks outside, having a stubborn sunroof stuck open on my new (to me) Mercedes was a bit of an urgent matter. Because it's the week between Christmas and New Years, most places are (understandably) closed, and the dealership told me they could get me in "maybe friday, but probably next week" despite getting there at 7:50am on a Monday morning. By the time I got to European Sales & Service I was honestly getting a little desperate imagining having to put a tarp over my car and crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain, but they saw my car immediately did a bunch of checks on little things, and then spent a lot of time and effort getting my sunroof back into place. I was really impressed with their service, and then they didn't even charge me! Top notch.

Chris C., December 30, 20135 out of 5

Aloha.....  I just purchased a 2001 used Mercedes ML320 and shipped it to the Big Island.  It is now in great shape thanks to the efforts of European Sales and Service. I brought it in for a true stem to stern evaluation. I had opportunity to work with Richard and Ryan the owners and the master technician....  Greg. Their team approach left me with no problems and a great ride. I am using it with outstanding results including all wheel drive on the summit of Mauna Kea at almost 14,000ft. I was more than treated both with fairness and an excellent job well done. Their attention to detail was very refreshing.  They treated me like family. Truly a 5 star experience.

George P., April 1, 20135 out of 5

I just had my second appointment with European Sales and Service. I chose them due to their Diamond Certified rating. Both experiences were great. I read a previous review that indicated they used cheap Chinese parts. I can attest that the parts used were Mercedes parts and I had my front breaks replaced. The car drives beautifully. The prices were reasonable and they have always been helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Laura F., January 8, 20135 out of 5

This is the best shop for Mercedes Benz in the North Bay. I've taken my C-230 to several othershops in the Santa Rosa / Marin County area and while I've never been particularly displeased with any of them (except for Smothers). European Sales and Service remains at the top of this list for several reasons. Price / Service / Quality / and piece of mind. Rich the owner of this establishment gives off the vibe of just a stand up guy. Anyone familiar with getting a car serviced can agree that there's always that feeling of confusion and helplessness that comes with being a part of a transaction that you know little about. I have worked in numerous sales positions including my current job in the mortgage industry and this feeling is not exclusive to Auto service. But being a sales person it's one of the few places I experience it. What I've found is that the level of customer service and the quality of work are exceptional and the prices are the best I could find around. That being said the Piece of mind that I get from knowing that I'm getting great service at a great price (and I've done plenty of research) lets me rest at ease.  I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to have the same services that local Mercedes Dealerships/Service Centers will do,  for significantly less money.  Why pay more for the same thing,  when you can have Richard and his staff give you the level of service you deserve for a fraction of the cost at the dealer. This review was filtered because I guess it met the guidelines of a "fake" or "shill" review.  I am Dallas Myers go to European sales andservice and ask if I am a customer. I had a Mass air flow sensor replaced on my 2005 C-230 for about $150.00 less than Smothers European quoted me.  Thanks.

Dallas M., April 21, 20105 out of 5

My main criteria for a successful interaction with a business are two-fold: Quality & Courtesy.  They have skilled and factory-trained techs. The owner, Richard, is friendly and a good communicator.  I've also met Ryan, the owner's son, and they know their stuff.  I even checked them out on BBB and they are rated  "A+".  I highly recommend them for Mercedes-Benz repair.

Michael N., October 19, 20095 out of 5

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I have been a loyal customer here for 4 years. I drive all the way from San Francisco to European Sales & Service because they are The Best Service Shop in the entire Bay Area. My E320 purrs from their tuning, and drives like a dream. Richard's Mechanical Mastery, Honesty, and Excellence give me peace of mind every time I have the pleasure of taking my car in. Want a Repair Shop you can trust 100%? Find European Sales & Service!

Joshua S., January 12, 20165 out of 5

Ryan and Richard are the best. I had a bad thermostat that was keeping me from passing smog due to the check engine light being on. Came in WAY less than dealership - extras: helped me locate small headlight part on Ebay that saved me $270, informed me of a recall and gave me paperwork to give the dealership, and sent me estimates for requested work. They also coordinated with the Smog shop next door and offered extra help if needed. They know cars forward and backward. Amazing. Love. Can't recommend enough.

Leanne M., November 15, 20145 out of 5

I have been a customer of European Sales & Service for several years. After my warranty expired at Smothers MB, I went to this shop to do my annual check up and any repairs to my 2000 C230. Their service is the best. Ryan & Richard always make you at ease specially when they quote the price. Thanks Ryan .. u r d best MB Manager.

Romy Q., April 8, 20145 out of 5

I have an 80's turbodiesel with rare cooling and electric problems passing by Santa Rosa and knew Richard knows Benzes, diamond certified is a tell. armchair mechanics told me either to replace battery, alternator, wires or start testing voltage to solve my power loss. I threw up my hands and agreed to pay a pro to assess. Long story short, I spent as much at European Sales and Service than I did on my car, on an Alternator mount bracket, radiator, water pump, thermostat, labor, healthcare for the mechanics, and 6 months, 6,000 miles, and encounters with other Euro & MB shops, I know I couldn't have gotten better service in the states. I called a week later with an unrelated roadside emergency. He talked me thru tragedy narrowly averted, win pleasure.
This is a meticulous operation. Work is discussed and documented, problems diagnosed at a fair rate. Honest and thorough.

Ryan F., April 23, 20135 out of 5

I've taken my car to European Sales & Service twice and have been very satisfied with their work. I have a long list of items to repair on my used 1989 420SEL, so it's important that I deal with an honest shop like these guys who won't overcharge for easy to fix items. They are professionals who are very good at what they do. I'll be seeing them again soon for the next job on the list.

Jake Y., January 10, 20135 out of 5

I've been taking my Mercedes to European Sales and Service for many years and I've appreciated the reliable service and expert advice.  It's unlikely I would have kept my vehicle as long as I have without their good care and reasonable pricing.  Richard, his technical team, and his son Ryan are the epitome of what a small local business should be and it's no accident they consistentlyrate 5 stars on quality surveys.

Dwight C., August 10, 20125 out of 5

Let me start with driving a MBZ is expensive and you cannot expect it to get any cheaper over time. Rich and crew have made thousands of dollars of repairs to my car and it has been worth every dime. I'm at 270K on my C230 that still gets 30 mpg. They have far more experience than any of the dealer techs are they don't lie like the clowns at Smothers. Every repair has been fixed right the first time and has preformed as good as new or better. If you feel trust is part price you pay, then your getting your money's worth. So next time you need it FIXED and can pass on not having a free latte' machine take it to European.

L. P., May 11, 20115 out of 5

These reviews shock me. I brought my benz in for brakes last year. I was charged for genuine mercedes benz parts. Within 10 days brakes started squealing like a stuck pig. Took her to another shop. They suggested that the next time I have repairs done, I should buy real mercedes parts instead of cheap chinese crap. And no, they did NOT profit from that statement - they said I *could* have them replace the crackerjack box brakes from European Sales & Service with real mercedes parts but  recommended I live with the squealing until the brakes die (projecting less than 2 years useful life). Since then, have had ANOTHER shop give me an overall diagnostic and ANOTHER mechanic tell me I should only buy mercedes parts in reference to the brakes. When I saw their building empty I was sure they had gone out of business. It turns out they've just moved. Their fancy new building looks great - maybe I should go say hello to the part of it I paid for when these guys jacked me over.The moral to this story is be sure you areactually getting what this company is charging you for.

Joyce B., October 3, 20111 out of 5

I'm sorry you were disappointed with the brake repairs we did to your Mercedes. As the Parts Manager, I can assure you we only use Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake pads. You're always welcome to drop in and browse our parts department. Unfortunately, even Genuine MB pads are known to have squeaking issues. Maybe you weren't aware, but all of our parts and labor come with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee. If you decide to come back for any reason, we'll be sure to make this right.

 — Ryan Cordes, Manager, 10/4/11